When I buy CDs I usually buy between 3 and 5 per month and exclusively listen to them. I think it allows me to appreciate the music more and learn about a particular band. What is your number of songs or CDs per month that u buy or download?
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Far too many, I have around 30 favourite bands, and around 50 favourite albums. I interchange between them. At the moment, my favourite is The Academy Is... - Fast Times At Barringdon Hall and Senses Fail - Life Is Not A Waiting Room.
Hmm, mine varies, can be anything from 0-30,
For example I hadn't bought any CDs for about 4 months, went into town on saturday and bought 12 CDs...
mine ussually like 26 or soo like whitechapel or scars on broadway or all that remains and nirvana
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depends, when an album first comes out Ill listen to it once a day or so and if I like it, then I keep listening to it - Iv listened to the new Amon Amarth album like 20 times since its been out now, and I like it more each time

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Well this month I bought 10 CDs, but I usually buy around 4 or 5. Wait no, I bought 11.
I listen to whatever catches my fancy at the given moment. I'm listening to my new CDs pretty heavily, older stuff in my library rotates in and out every couple of weeks or so. There are a few bands I listen to pretty much any time, other bands/pieces only get played if I'm in the mood for them.
Unless it's something I really like or a band I already have music from, I tend to listen to it online for a few weeks to see if it holds my attention. If I don't stay interested, I don't buy it. Saves me from buying music I end up never listening to again.
everytime I get in the car, turn on my computer, lay down for a nap, read a book, go for a walk, etc. I put on a different CD. I have about 400 albums on CD and about 40 on my computer. There are about 20-30 albums on our 360. So I guess I listen to about 50-60 albums a month. I wont buy any more CD for a while because I have too many and I wanna do a little Diggin in the Crates to listen to some jams. The last album I got was Perpetual Flame. My favs (not that NE1 asked but F it) are albums by Jeff Beck, Miles Davis, Buckethead, Chopin, Lightning Hopkins, Vivaldi, Bach, Satriani, Gilbert, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Monk, Pastorius, Delucia/McLaughlin/Di Meola, Coltrane, Santana, Primus, Parliament/Funkadelic, Malmsteen, Dylan, Cash, Wu-Tang Clan, Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, NWA, Slayer, Zeppelin, Who, Ohm, Bjork, Megadeth, Herbie Hancock, Dust Brothers, Daft Punk, Zappa, Manson, Robert Johnson, Temptations (w/Ruffin only), Ohio Players, Isaac Hayes and just about any independent underground artist I can get my hands on.
It depends on how much money I have and what CDs are available in the store in my town.
I never spend over $15 on a CD, unless its a double disc. If they price it over $15 I'll either download it if everyone says its really good (and if I think its really good and deserves to be bought then I'll buy it) or I'll wait until they lower the price or a used copy comes in. Most of the CDs in the store I've already bought all the albums I want from them, and now I'm looking for more obscure stuff, so I either look online on amazon or download them.

Anyway, I probably listen to 20-40 CDs a month, considering I always have my iPod and most of those CDs include all of the Death albums, Necrophagist, Decrepit Birth, Exodus, Testament, Heathen, Forbidden, Emperor, Dissection, Weakling, Morbid Angel, Entombed, Unleashed, Obituary, Atheist, Cynic, Opeth, Origin, Sadist, and Iron Maiden.

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When I buy CDs I usually buy between 3 and 5 per month and exclusively listen to them. I think it allows me to appreciate the music more and learn about a particular band. What is your number of songs or CDs per month that u buy or download?

Pretty much exactly that, I order most of my stuff through amazon, or the guy at Uncle Sam's Record Emporium can order anything I feel like really.

And about listening to new albums elusively, that's usually what I do. I try to give every album the same amount of listening.
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Full albums, not much. But bands per month, maybe 100.
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When I buy CDs I usually buy between 3 and 5 per month and exclusively listen to them.

indeed. usually accompanied by 4-5 listens each. if its really good then 10 listens
Some days I can listen to up to 15 albums, while other times I can listen to a single album the whole damn week.
How many new albums I buy is also pretty random. Some times none, other times as much as 10-15.
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Every day of the week, I spend on average 3-4 hours a day listening to music.
i spend around $50 a week, generally on LPs and tapes, and every now and again will go a bit overboard (make a $150-200 purchase once, at most twice, a month). and i dont listen to them exclusively.... i tend to just leave them til i feel like listening to them (chances are i've already heard the album or at least the band). when i listen to bands... i just binge listen them. like today ive been listening to nothing but Broken Bones and Cryptic Slaughter
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I think it comes down to me buying 3/4 albums a month.. But I can buy nothing for two/three weeks and then place an online order for 4 albums or pick up three 12" records when I'm at the recordstore. I usually start listening to them in the first few days after I've bought the album and then continue to do so until I feel that it's time for some new input (or till I get bored with an album of course). I listen to an average of three albums a day, so maybe 100 albums a month?