Hey all,

I'm somewhat new to the whole home recording thing, and i've had some small successes with it.

but now i'm interested in purchasing a keyboard for my set up (i know this probably isn't hte right spot for this question, but i don't think there is an ultimate-keyboard.com website out there, and this does have to do with recording).

I'm looking for something which can cover piano (self explanitory), organ (classic rock sound, somewhat like the wallflowers), and synth (think the who).

also, having a MIDI option would be nice.

does anyone have any suggestions?

thanks for you time.
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Casio WK-110's real great
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The Yamaha PSR line isnt bad. I use the 340 in my studio and love it's on board grand piano patch. Korg tends to make more synth keyboard sounds and Roland makes better piano type sounds.

Any keyboard with a Midi out will be able to trigger a software or hardware synth though so if you have a laptop and interface on hand you can easily get all of these sounds.

Sonar Producer 8 has some great synths like Rapture and the new piano VSTi makes some good piano sounds. I run Producer 7 right now and cant really find a good Piano VSTi in any of the files so I may upgrade to 8 soon.

Most of the keyboard controllers without on board sounds are nice and easy to choose from but I dont know much about the higher priced units with on board sounds.
You may have better luck running though some of the posts at Studio-Central under the synths section: