so i've read a fair amount of reviews on this head...

does anyone have one, and provide some insight...do you like it, what don't yo ulike about it...

i like to play in alternate tunings as well...open G, Open G with a dropped C...would the head handle this?? or does it favour standard tuning?

i have a VOX AD50VT with 1x12...would getting rid of my VOX for this head and a Yorkville 2x12 stack be a good idea?

peaveys are pretty good with deviated tunings and drop tunings so I'd bet on it being just fine. The Yorkville cab, however, I have no experience with.
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i play modern/classic rock...some alternative...dabble into metal...i understand if i want like ultra gain ala pantera i'd need a overdrive pedal...but i think for the modern rock sound the amp is supposed to be all i need?

the head is about 13 yrs old...would they sound anything like the new classic 50's?
looks like this, or its in tweed, right?

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If so its the same as the current Classic series, good all around amps, not really metal amps but can handle Classic Metal and Hard Rock with an OD and decent high output humbuckers. They really are good for classic rock, cleans are good to, no fender but the are nice and warm, kinda like a Vox AC30.
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