Not really my kind of thing, but it does sound very pretty! It's good! There's a bit of hum you could lose, but it doesn't really matter for something like this
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Boss Micro BR is what I used so you were pretty close. I didn't do anything with the drums to be honest just used one of the basic patterns. The Micro BR is a bit small and fiddly to use so I don't really do any drum arrangements on it.
Sounds very nice. The only tone-related comments I have are:
1) You could have used a small medium-fast vibrato just to add that expressive feel.
2) I'm not saying shred-type tone, but if you had a higher-gain tone it might've had more of the effect that sort of thing gives. For example, I'm playing a song my guitar teacher wrote, I've got the rhythm playing clean, then my lead part comes in and I use a fairly high-gain 60's fuzz sound, and it's a really nice sound.
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Thanks I know what you mean by a fuzz type tone. I went shopping for a big muff last weekend for a nice fuzzy singing lead type tone but came home with a DD7 instead.
I agree with the fuzziness but other than that, thats a really nice piece man, its sincere, whereas sometimes this sorta thing can come off show-offy and cheesy. You're other stuff is cool too
great feel first off!!! I love how quick you are before the major bends/notes, much like slash and even clapton even tho I dont really like him too much. did you think this out or improvise? either way its very good over these chords. get some dive bomb whaammmy in there lol

j/k awesome dude
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I improvised over the chords a few times. After a few times I hit record and then took a listen to how it sounded. Then I made another take to improve on what I had. I find that listening to the recordings helps me to improve much more that just constantly playing over a chord progressing. I've found the little Micro BR to be one of the best things I bought with regards to improving my playing.
A little bit of fuzziness, as others have pointed out. I really like it, though. The solo is really good. I love the chords. The tone of the guitar playing the chords fits really well, IMO. The drums were all right, too. Overall a pretty good piece. I enjoyed it.
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very nice

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