At school I saw a guitar with the brand name as 'Bunny'. It looked like a custom guitar. I can't seem to find any information about this Bunny guitar, but does any know about it?
Ah, yes it was. I just looked at some photos of Burny's, and that was it. The r looks a lot like an n. x(
Who had it? If it was owned by the school then you should do it a favour and try to buy it, because those are great.
I'm pretty sure its the schools. It just sits in a glass case in the music building's basement. >.> I've only seen it played once.
It was the MG-360s model I think. Except its brown.
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Aww, I want a Bunny guitar now
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I thought those guitars said Bunny too at first.
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Ooo If i was looking at the right guitar... its a mockingbird style yeah? pretty sweet
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