Just wondering whether anyone here could make me some drum tracks, using the computer, seeing as im rubbish at them
Some acoustic and some soft rnb sort
there's probably some you could download them?
just simple generic drum beats?
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We can't really make any, we don't know what tempo, what structure or anything you're after. What software do you have ?
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oh sorry guys lol
i think i just phrased it badly

Basically... i do a lot of covers, and was just wondering if there was anyone that could help me create drum tracks for them
you can find drum loops there

If you are wanting help with specific songs you could try looking for gp5 files and export the drum parts to anhything that sounds better such as ezdrummer.

If you are wanting someone to record stuff for you, the song name would be helpful, as well as tempo, key (though for drums this isnt really all that important), and all that jazz.