Hey there folks! I am helping this dude out, recording guitars and vocals for some of his songs. I am not very good at recording but I'm just putting the songs together so we can see how they sound. I'm not much of a fan of this kind of music but I really like putting it all together Anyway, so if any of you could have a listen and just say what you think, even about sound quality and guitar tones etc. I still need to work on that quite a lot.

Thank you! I will gladly listen to anything you would like me to, in favour.

It's the one called City Lies Desolate, in my profile My profile
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There seem to be a distinct lack of bass to the mix. The guitar tone needs to be sorted out. It is really hard to follow the guitar because I can't really hear it properly maybe there is to much distortion. I don't know enough about fixing recording to tell you what to do but maybe some others would know.
There is no bass because I don't have anyone to play bass, or a bass guitar! Haha, yeah I know it sounds terrible, I had to use a PC mic. I was just trying to get a rough demo down, thanks man
Whew! Okay so I have gotten a new mic and re-recorded the whole song. There is still no bass because all the bassists in this town died or something

Anyway, This is the finished demo version of this song, not anything amazing, but it will do the job for now

Go ahead and listen to City Lies Desolate in my profile, tell me what you think and link me to your songs and I will gladly give them a listen as well!