i just found out a really killer trick to beefin up our amps, i`ve always found mine lacking in the low end but it`s great everywhere else, your probly thinking the same... i just found out a trick to make this problem go away and it costs nothing.... assuming you own a 1960 stereo cab..... flip the switch to stereo now flip your head to 8 ohms now be amazed on how great your amp sounds.

i just found this out today and i`m BLOWN away how it totaly changed my amps tone.

what it does is basicly turns your 4 X 12 into a really big 2 X 12 and no using a 2 X 12 cab like a 1936 lead is not the same. i know it goes against all logic but it works!!!

just thought this was important enuff to share with my fellow UG Marshall owners