I am putting up for sale my Bogner Uberschall Head. It is a late 2007 Model, Revision Blue, and in perfect cosmetic and operating condition. My taste for distortion has changes drastically recently and I am GAS'ing for some other stuff, this is the ONLY reason for selling this head, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it what-so-ever.

I am not going to go into much detail about this head, if you are even looking at this thread you know what the amp can and can't do. The footswitch is also included in the sale. My lord the distortion and low end that this thing can produce is insane. Loudest head I have played, and one of the best effects loops I have ever seen.

**The Sale Situation**
I am only asking what I paid for the head, it is in absolute perfect condition, I paid $2,200.00 Shipped and Paypal'd. That being said I will also accept Money Orders and Cashier's Checks, that amplifier will ship after the Money is deposited into my account. I have perfect eBay feedback and other references as well... No international buyers please.

**The Trade Situation**
I don't want this to come off as rude, I am just going to be as specific as possible to save time. The first and fore-most item I am looking for in trade is a Mark IV Head. It can be short or medium body, I would prefer as new of a model as possible, I may even consider combos. That out of the way, the ONLY other trades I would be willing to consider is something that is similar to the amount of gain that the Uberschall can produce, while I understand the Uberschall is kind of in a class of it's own, I am still looking for stuff on the higher end, no Marshalls are Peavey please, and nothing vintage. Also, no trade offers other than amplifiers. Again I am not trying to come off as rude, but please don't waste my and your time with meaningless offers.

Please do not make me regret including the "For Trade" part of this sale, I would prefer to sell this over trade, unless it is a Mark IV as I stated before. But if this thread gets cluttered with worthless offers and no potential buyers, I will simply just change this to a FS only thread, thanks.

I am including Photobucket Links, I tried imbedding pictures but it wasn't working for some reason. If you wish to get ahold of me quicker, please send all questions to my Gmail at Garcia.Kit@Gmail.com

The price really isn't negotiable, I feel that the price is extremely fair especially considering it has the metal grille, and it is a fairly new head.

PhotoBucket Links:
Any interest in a Framus Dragon. I sold a Mark IV for one of those things, best decision I made as far as amp flipping.
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