Pit! I need your help!
I need to come up with something that refers to authority...
Let me clear this up. I'm doing an essay for my litterature class and my theme's how society deals with authority. My teacher wants us to incorporate an externe source in our essay such as a song, a movie, or a book and I would like it to be a song. So I'm asking you almighty Pit, if you could suggest me any song (I would like some metal, but doesnt really matters) that deals with authority.
thxs a lot
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Eye of the beholder by metllica is about freedom of speech Plus anything by RATM
**** authority? I think it's pennywise or something, but I could be very terribly wrong...
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Why the hell would you want a song when it would be so much easier to do a book or film?

Anything by RATM, obviously.
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