At my local music store there are a few guitars that I have narrowed it down to. In your opinion what is the best? They all cost the same and I have to have a new guitar I have a freakin' HARMONY MINI STRAT it couldn't cost more than $50



Obviously Fassa.
id say broaden your horizons.

for that budget you can get alot better.

however, i would advise saving up more.

ive had my first guitar for nearly 2 years now, and as much i have been wanting a new guitar i tell myself no, and have now saved up nearly £800.

so, what is your budget, what do you play, where do you play, what amp do you have?
Don't get one of those with a tremolo. That's askin for problems with tuning.

Cheap trems = headaches deluxe.

Personally, if those were my choices, I'd go with the Explorer copy.

Honestly - if that's your budget -

Go with a low end ESP.

It's gonna be better than those.

Like this one



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What kind of music do you play? Also, you can get alot better for the same amount of money, as previously stated in the thread.
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Go look at a cheaper Ibanez or a BC rich. I know their not the best, but their better than those.
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if you could save a little, go get an epiphone G 400... I've been said it is the best for its price...

or you could get mine: a Ymaha EG 112, i reccomend it hihgly for starters and mid experienced... it is very versatile.
Get A Good ESP Guitar. Their great and considering the budget you have I'd Recommend....


The 100 series are really good guitars.
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