ok. I need help so if anyone is really good at this stuff I need help on this question or if somebody could tell me what to do. I hate this class I really cant get this stuff.

Heres the question. Kernel color in wheat is determined by the action of two pairs of polygenes that produce colors varying from dark red to white. If AABB(dark red) and aabb(white) are crossed.

What fraction of the F2 generation can be expected to be like either parent.

Man I hate this class.
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put em into a table and count
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^agreed 3/4 will be dark red and 1/4 will be white.

honestly this isn't that hard I failed bio 4th quarter (but passed for the year ) and I find this easy. Just do out the charts, they're a pain but it makes more sense if you do it yourself.

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You use a Punnet Square to do these.

But, it should be only 1/16 chance of either AABB or aabb. That answers the question if you are talking about genotypes.
But if you want phenotypes, there would be more of the dark red flowers, but still only 1/16 of white. I think there would be a 9/16 chance of dark red phenotype.

That's just my guess on how I remember these working though.
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Some of you are misreading the question.

It's a dihybrid cross.

You get 16 possible genotypes, but only 1 AABB and 1 aabb. You're only looking for the AABB and aabb because it explicitly asks you for the ones which are like the parents, anything other than AABB or aabb would be a recombinant and showing something other than dark red or white (as stipulated in the question there s a range of coulours)

so the answer is 2/16 or 1/8 displays the parental phenotype

edit: wait, I think I just did it for the F1 generation. gimmie a minute.

edit 2: 2/16 or 1/8 is right for the F2 generation.
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