I was thinking of getting the Epiphone SG special and repalacing the pick ups and putting a pickguard on it, or should I pay more money and get a G-400 vintage or g-310?
I would stay with the Epi and do the replacement...especially if it's going to be played and not just admired.
get the G 400 without a doubt.

the special sucks like a plastic guitar
Get the G-400 Deluxe Flametop Looks (and sounds) AWESOME!! xD
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you would probably be better off savign and getting a higher quality instrument, as opposed to buying a low end one and adding stuff to it, my cousin once put $200 tires on her crappy car, when she went to trade it in, they would only offer her $150 for the whole car, the reason that applies to this situation is you could end up putting a lot more money into it than its worth
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I'll get back to you.
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Well that's pretty vague since there's tons of different Seymour Duncan pickups, some of which are great and some are... not so great...

Anyway, a stock G-400 is far better than an upgraded Special, or even an upgraded G-310. The 310 and Special aren't even made of the right wood (let alone the fact they're bolt-on construction, they have inferior tuners, inferior electronics, inferior bridges... you name it).
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good pickups incrap guitars dont make much diffrence get the g400
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DEFINETLY get the G-400. It's well worth it. Putting good pickups in a really shitty guitar isn't.
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