Sup dudes, I'm looking for an acoustic guitar jus to play sum nickelback, oasis, jet and some muse and green day songs on, as well as some of my own stuff. I currently only have an electric and i seriously know absolutly nothing about what makes an acoustic guitar good or not, any advice would be greatly appreciated =]

I'd say get a Ibanez AW-28 as its what i have does me fine on basically all those genre, It cost me about that you just need to find a acoustic that feels nice when you hold it and when you strum it you don't feel uncomfortable with it. Well thats how i picked mine if all else fails go for a yamaha there ones a pritty standard.
Hope that helps
vintage ve300 is a good guitar. i have had mine for a while and it seems pretty solid. sounds ok. i think now you can get one for about £120 ish. or Ibanez TCM10. find something that you feel comfortable playing.
Thanks for ur advice. I quite like the idea of getting a Vintage since i have a Vintage electric.
I would avoid Ibanez. They're not made of solid wood.

At this price, I would take a good look into Yamaha. They make solid guitars and their playability can't be beat in this price range.
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