For the past year or so, ive been composing some songs for concert band (woodwind, brass, percusssion) and arranging other songs for that, and working on a lot of jazz stage band work. I'm looking to perhaps start making some money off of these. First off, where would i go to sell my scores, and so on, and secondly, how could I start something where people pay me to arrange music for them?
I was thinking of composing songs for concert band in school. How many different parts are usually being played at once?
fear is the mindkiller

Your best bet would be try to get the job of writing a film score, and do so for a few indie films, before getting the job for progressively bigger films.
hahaha nice.

what im thinking i might do is if i write a score that i think has real potential, i will donate it to my school's music program, at least to get some play.