I wrote this song when i was 16(now 22)
I was originally supposed to be a rap song but i want to change that
btw everything i say in this song happend and it's how i really felt at the time
It doesn't have a chorus bit i'm thinkin of using the 1st 2 paragraphs

My vision is blurry because of misery & pain
everytime i look it's like i'm lookin through the rain
my heart is numb like my tounge when i lick the 'caine
i cannot feel a thing so get the **** away from me

My life is so ****ed up i don't even feel like staying
i just wanna close my eyes & never open them again

but i can't so i guess i have to wake up everyday
i wish i would fade away from this mutha****in place but i can't

So i hope that you could understand i'm mad at the world cuz it took what i had
the oldest of my sisters and i miss them real bad

everytime i think about them i get a little sad,it makes me mad from all the pain & the sorrow
Cuz i'm knowin that i'm not gon see my sisters tomorrow

It makes me feel like shattered glass as i watched the years pass
i'm trippin on the time cuz it's goin so fast

10 months probation i didn't even ****in last
if i go back to school i don't think i'm gonna pass

But i'm gonna try to do everything that i can
even though it feels like i'm hangin on by a strand

I try to keep my head up but i'm fed up with this strife
i gotta try to make it through this ****ed up life

I gotta hold on i gotta stay strong
i gotta do right instead of always doin wrong

But i cannot settle down & be calm cuz my angers full blown
bout to explode like a bomb It's comin real fast like a slug to the dome

I wanna kickback but it won't leave me alone
this life that i live man it ain't no fun

Iknow i should be dead for some of the things that i done
my problems weigh a ton i'm blinded by the sun

All i got do now is wait for my time to come
& when it finally does i don't wanna be buzzed or high

I just wanna be right by my familys side so i could tell them that i love'em & goodbye
& then i'll them everything is gonna be alright

Even though i know it isn't it makes me feel good inside
I don't know why everybody gots to die thats just life.......
Take 'em on Take 'em out Take a stand Take a bow
really ?
yeah well this was my 1st song i ever really wrote

thanx for the criticism

i'll try harder next time
Take 'em on Take 'em out Take a stand Take a bow