This topic is probably a deadhorse, haha, but if someone who knows could help me. I got a Jackson Dk2M "pro series" or w/e not too long back, and it was still factory set up, and .09-.42s on it, which i believe most or all FR equipped guitars come with. Seems im able to get down to Drop D from standard with only minor adjustments, but when i do the Low E is just so ridiculously thin and flimsy feeling that i cant stand it. I've heard you "shouldnt" put anything thicker on jacksons, but, i dont know if i can handle that. So if i put .10-.46s on it, would i most likely just need to adjust the spring tension on the trem, to me it doesnt seem thats enough of a jump to warrant a truss rod adjustment. Or should i just nix this entire idea, haha. Thing is i got it used, but in amazing shape, and it plays nice now and i dont wanna mess it up, but for metal/drop d (lamb of god stuff ive been wanting to try) it flat out sux. I realize maybe i should "take it into a shop" but...either way is it a good idea to go up on the gauge. Thanks
You should easily be able to change them out for 10s with a little adjustment on the trem.

I have 11s on my Ibanez with no problems.
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when i made the change over it required a very slight adjustment. the action adjustment will be very minimal as well

just keep a careful watch on your neck for the next few days after you change it

changing it also wont effect intonation that much if at all, unless you're an absolute perfectionist when it comes to playability
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.
wow thanks for quick responses, and no im not a perfectionist, i kinda suck, so a SLIGHTLY sharp or flat inotation i probably wouldnt notice much...

and get that pic of teemu selanne outta here, jk, haha