Excuse my ignorance, maybe I'm just speaking out of my ass here, but Spaniards must be really bored here's why I think so. If anyone's from Spain and watched tvE yesterday, there was...really nothing that it would really seem like important news. I saw some things that just really made me think " WTF? " some of them were, these are translations I'll try to find links later:

El Triangulo del terror: gasolinera, escuela, pyrotecnia

Translation: The Triangle Of Terror: Gas Station, School, Fireworks Shop.

it was a story on how a fireworks shop across the street was a danger to the school that was next or on the same block as a gas station and the neighbors complained about it...keep in mind there was a 4 lane avenue in between them.

Hay un cable de electricidad en el balcon de my apartament

Translation: There's an electric cable attached to my balcony

I couldn't hear very well, but the story was basically how it was a hazard for an electric cable attached a good 6" away from someone's apartment was a liability and the neighbors complained.

The last one is actually not too bad, but I still wouldn't classify it as news.

Vecinos no quieren vivir al lado de un crematorio

Translation: Neighbors dont want to live next to a crematorium

Now its fine that they want to petition but I dont find that to be very news worthy, 3 guys did however go on a hunger strike because of it...

now you can go ahead and go onto www.rtve.es and if you want look for the links because I'm very lazy...but ladies and gentlemen...do you guys find any of this stuff news worthy?

I mean I found it refreshing that not every other news is 'MCAIN' 'PALIN' 'OBAMA' 'BUSH' 'THE ECONOMY IS IN CRISIS!' 'OIL PRICES KEEP GOING ____' but...I dont really think the topics that were discussed there were very news worthy...but Spain seems quite peaceful really, if I'm wrong please correct me though.

Your thoughts?
Are you fluent in Spanish? Noice.

News in America isn't much better.
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I know what you mean, i watch News 12 Brooklyn so i can get really local news, and it seems besides the weather and the occasional rape, they talk about nothing. They actually did a report today, on a school that was mad because they had too much garbage...
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,there was...really nothing that it would really seem like important news.

you should watch south today in the uk.

no news whatsoever down here. so they fill it with crap that i dont give a dead monkey's paw (e-cookie for the reference) about.

they may as well just say "well we dont have any news, sorry."
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well i guess they're all notable concerns. I see what you mean by the not being news-worthy though.
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News in Nailsea reported a bald man getting a hat.
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News in Nailsea reported a bald man getting a hat.

better than america's news. all you ever hear about is people dying, fires, shit being expensive, and the election.