Word up Gs,

Writing alot of stuff on Guitar pro lately and I say's to myself I'll put the latest effort upto UG and get some reviews on the shiz.
Awesome all the way through. Great changes and riffs, its really grabbed my interest all they way though. Only things you should improve are the maiden part ( sounded pretty dull to me) and add another clean riff in the clean section, as that one riff is played too many times. Its not bad it just needs a little more variation compared to the rest of the song.
Yeah forgot to mention there's vocals to go over alot of it! I'll agree the clean riffage needs some work! Thanks for the review though! You want c4c?
...Badass. That's the only way I can put it. You really have a mastery of odd time signatures. The flow is just awesome---it really felt like there was a story unwinding throughout. The piratey vibe was very well done to say the least. Awesome job all around.
haha, how many time signatures are you gonna use
it was class, well done mate
maybe its just me but i think the maiden on speed section should have a harmony on the four notes that close each bar