I wrote this a couple weeks ago, thought I'd post it and see what you all think about it.
Note: it does start to sound kind of repetitive near the end, keep in mind that in a normal recording there would be vocals during that but obviously I can't put them in Guitar Pro.
I really love that intro riff. Very "metal."

The acoustics were fairly random, but cool. They (and the underlying distortion) sounded a lot like Opeth's song "Blackwater Park." All in all the song was fairly metalcore and not too much death metal about it.

It was really repetitive, but I guess vocals might fix that. The hammon organ was a nice inclusion, but it was sad that it was only in short bursts. Work on making your harmonizing more interesting or linear, and make your guitars a bit less focused on dissonance.

Dissonance, when used properly, can be bliss. You used it a bit too much and made it sound a bit bleh.

Sorry, but honest opinion. 7/10.

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