okay, i finally decided on what neck and bridge pickup to go with for my strat, but i'm not sure what to do for the middle. im trying for versality, so i guess i want a PAF-type pickup for the neck(Little '59), a hot no-hum bridge pickup (Hot Rails), but i dont know what middle pickup will make the guitar very versatile. maybe vintage strat sound but i dont know ... so please give me good suggestions.

by the way, make it something that not from like another user or something, because they're hard to buy. thanks
check out bareknuckles. Send tim (owner) an email your styles and what you want from the pickup. Even if you dont buy there he will give you some very professional advice. And HE KNOWS HIS stuff, like over kill
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thanks for the advice... it does look like he knows his stuff so i sent him an email. thanks a lot i wouldnt know who to go to.