So there is a radio station in my city where the music it transmits is rock..... it is also supposed to be the only rock station in my town.......... however today....... three hours ago I heard some some songs that are not rock.......... I heard I kissed a girl from Kate Perry, Ready,Set,Go!!! from Tokyo hotel and So What from pink................ what do you think....... oh and there is a show that is called rock and roll all nite and they put wake me up before you go-go.................... what do you think?
Those are more poprock, which is still rock. So they are playing more mainstream music... Whats the big deal?...
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Radio is shite. MP3 all the way.

Cant stand annoying 'presenters' and adverts, music should be dissociated with such things :P
It's still rock dude. Rock is a style of music and those songs fit that style regardless if you like them or not or how mainstream they are.

well actually some of them aren't rock but you get the idea.
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It's mainstream rock; if you want to listen to the radio you'll have to put up with it. Or discover good music elsewhere.

What happens is that that station used to give underground rock about two months ago and it played only metallica, muse and other stuff like that
idk man, 93X in minneapolis doesnt play music like that, people would probably riot if they did
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