So, i am truely sorry for bringing UG another "which guitar" thread, but it must be done, so weel just get over it.
So I am getting a new metal oriented guitar. The absolute most i will pay is $1500, and I will probably buy online because everything is cheaper on there. As you probably know, there are LOTS and LOTS of choised for guitars at this price range. I am compleetly torn on what to get. I want EMG pickups, and im not compleetly sure wich ones yet, because i dont know what any of them sound like. I want a heavy sound to it. An origional FR would be nice, but is not a nesessity. I want a nice looking guitar, but nothing retarted looking. Im a low tuner (Drop C), so it should prebably be a 25.5 scale. 24 fretts would also be nice, but not a nesessity. So any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.
Get a Jackson USA on ebay. That'll do ;-)
Washburn USA Custom Shop
Schecter Hellraiser FR
or a nice USA jackson of ebay like LP said
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Ibanez S5470 Prestige
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But the real question is what is your amp?
I have a Bugera 6260-212 Combo. Its pretty sick, sounds intence. The amp isnt the problem, currently im using a Line 6 Variax 300. It cries whan I play job for a cowboy lol
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so i dont think that needs to be upgraded.


my suggestions still stand...