It's a work in progress but I thought I would post it anyways.

See the song in my profile.

If anyone has any tips on what else to add to the song feel free to comment on that. I want to get it from the 4 minutes it's currently at to around 8 minutes.

This is my first techno type song and so it's nothing great but I had a lot of run working with RaptureLE the past few days.

Version 2 is out now. Drums are a quick record and not the final track.
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Hey Dave, thanks for checking mine out. Okay, so this sounds cool. Could definetly use drums etc. but it's pretty trippy sounding and I like trippy. Was this played on an instrument or made with a computer program? Seems like a great start to something though!

It was made mostly with Rapture LE, a software synth in Sonar Producer 7

I did add some drums to that long bit towards the middle. And I do plan on shortening up that long section, it seems too drawn out now that I listen to it more.

I used a keyboard to track all the instruments except for the drums, that part I used my e-drums to trigger Session Drummer 2

I cut out about 1/4 of that long section in the middle. I have to re-track my drums for that new part now though. I will try to get a new audio sample up in a few days.
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