Whats everyone gonna go as? are you going? what are you gonna do halloween?

I'm goin as alice cooper. XD
I'm going as a ****ing searchbar.
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im being a guido lol, and everyone needs to chill the f uck out with the "OMFG USE TEH SEARCHBAR DUDE!!!" I know its kinda annoying but are you that serious about a guitar forum to get angry about a thread that has already been done?
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i, am dying my hair gree, and masquerading as the joker...all i need is a purple suit


either that, or dressing in black, dying hair black, and being a shadow XD
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I am dressing up as Normal Man...

He has the powers of a normal man...

His superhero weakness is bullets.
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Quote by IDread
I am dressing up as Normal Man...

He has the powers of a normal man...

His superhero weakness is bullets.

I was going to dress up as him. DAMN
I have to work Halloween night and I work at an ice rink, my job is to stand around and make sure no one breaks the rules. Since I was scheduled when I asked for the night off I'm bringing my collection of masks that I own and every 15 minutes I'm going to change the mask that I'm wearing. I have everything from Batman to Hillary Clinton.

It is going to be a fun night.
Quote by asator


I was going to go as The Joker, but I have band that night. So, I'm going as a band kid.
I thinkin I gonna get a Zeus costume and carry around my Mikro. I will a "guitar God"

hhahahahaa... =(
dressin like a drunk mexican and I'm gonna be at my party. Everyone from ug is invited! $5 at the door all you can drink! lol
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my costume came this morning

Make up practice no. 1:

I <3 Halloween

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Was gonna go as the joker but its unoriginal and too hard to find, then clockwork orange but again, too hard to find, now its gonna be Raoul duke from fear and loathing in las vegas, i got all the right stuff, gonna be drinking and smoking all night so it'll fit, i'll be cold as **** though.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.

I swear, this is like the 3rd thread I said this in.

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Black metal musician. Probably facepaint like Abbath or Nergal. Haven't decided yet, though.
I'm thinking of going as Tony Stark, because I don't know if I want to go out an buy a costume, and I definitely have a lot of Tony Stark clothes: