hey pit

i was on my msn earlier today, then it said that the connection with the server had been lost, and now it cant reconnect.

it gives me error code 81000314, which, in the help tells me that my contact list cannot be accessed, and i cant run anything else, buti can log in on my other account.

any way to fix this?
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I'm getting exactly the same thing, but web messenger still works for me
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yeh, thing is, i cant sign on from anywhere, web messenger or anything :S
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yeah man i got the same problem, i re-installed messenger and it still is giving me the same results, so i guess we will have to play the waiting game

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Mine was briefly, different error though. Half an hour and it's back to it's old self again.

Try exiting any firewalls or anti-virus software you have and enable them when you're back in.
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working fine for me
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im back...

but no-one on my contacts was affected...

anyway yeh...happy MSNing

can i close this myself?
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