As i lay here
Supposed to be sleeping
But I cannot.
It's just so windy
Outside,like a
(Thunderstorm) I
Said I'd fall asleep
Seems like I lied.

Tommorow I'll be
So tired, I wont
Be able to pay
attention, or
understand, or
be quiet, or even
not annoying

How'll I'll be so
Tires because I
Didn't go to bed
When you said
So here I am
Writing this poem

Now it's calm maybe
I should go to
Bed, or stay up
Like a bad boy
Like a tired boy
Like a boy,
Like a boy...

I should be in bed
But I wrote this instead.

any crits,suggestions,ideas, i will do c4c

thansk ahaead
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
Taking an Internet break for a while, will come on when I can.