Hey all!

I just recently performed at an open mic night at uni and sang one of my own songs (my ways) and then Strange and Beautiful and Hallelujah. I have no idea how to separate the video in to those three songs, but the whole set lasted about 8mins so my housemate just recorded it in one!

I hope I'm not breaking the posting rules here..just forward like 2 minutes to get to the covers!!


Would be lovely to know what you think. I was so so nervous, but had a lot of friends in the audience...always helps! Also in hallelujah these girls randomly decided to harmonise with me in the chorus. Completely unplanned but it worked alright...!

Anyway sorry for babbling, more than happy to crit back!


Your voice is very pretty. I know this isn't your fault, but the guitar is mostly washed out. Maybe one of these days I'll record and put a cover up.
It's a cold world, so homie bundle up. We ain't on this grind for nothing, now get your hustle up.
Woah, Thats certainly one of the best Buckley covers on here, I can certainly see you becoming famous, if you havent got a fan following already Lovely voice & guitar work.