Hey all!

I just recently performed at an open mic night and sang an original (My ways) plus two covers (Strange and Beautiful by Aqua Lung and Hallelujah). Wasn't sure how to divide up the three songs in to separate vids but the whole set lasts about 8 minutes anyway. The original is right at the start...so you can stop listening after 3 minutes or so and hopefully that means im not breaking any rules!


Would be awesome to get some feedback. I'm happy to crit back obviously..just leave me with your link!

Thank you!


That was incredible. Your playing was great and your voice pretty outstanding, I'd pay to go and see a performance like that anytime. Those two covers also happen to be 2 of my all-time favourite tunes, amazing taste haha .
Your own song is quality too, definitely worth your time to write more like it, you have real talent, keep it up.

Oh and by the way, is there someone else singing by the camera in the crowd on Hallelujah?
I covered that song last week and made up some vocal harmonies with it, and when I listened to you play just now, around the middle/end I could faintly hear those harmonies being sung... weird.

Anyway, 5* from me, no question - don't even have any criticism for you.
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