Just got this used R100 - 212 as my new amp. It's a discontinued Rivera amplifier with 2 channels; 100watts of tube power.

As far as the R-100's features, it has two channels: channel 1 is a british marshall sound with an extra boost for thick heavy metal type sounds, with channel 2 being an approach with tweed / fender type amps. Channel 2 has a bright push/pull and a Mid-range notch (pulling this makes it sound like a fender blackface amp [twin, super reverb, deluxe reverb] type sound). It as well features a channel 2 gain notch like the 1 channel does, for an additional gain stage and more drive.

It ALSO features an excellent effects loop. If you patch a cable from the send and receive you can use the level knobs as a power
break (for example, put the master volume at 10 and the output at 2 achieving full power tube saturation with controllable volume.

The only bad thing I can find about the amp, is that it's 100 watts with 2 12 inch speakers. It's loud as hell! But this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it still sounds good turned down.

An a video(not me) of what it can do and how much I love this beast. ^^

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