I'm probably going to catch heck for asking this, but I was playing my first Boogie Dual Rectifier at GC a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with the HUGE, warm, luscious sound. The price tag was pretty high, so I went looking on Craig's List and found a dude selling an 8 month old D-Rec half-stack for $2200.

Having explained my new found affinity for the Boogie...I've been reading a lot about the Carvin V3 and how they have given the D-Rec a run for the money. The truth is...I can buy a brand new full V3 stack for the price of a used D-Rec half-stack. Like I said...I know I'm going to catch heck...and I'M NOT trolling...but I need to know what you think of the V3's before I drive to Sac and play one or throw down a couple grand on the Boogie. Any advice or observations would be greatly helpful. Thanks!!!
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Never played a V3, all I can tell you is that you will never regret goin with a dual recto.
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Ill 2nd the Dual Recto.

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I've actually played the V3, and its an ok amp.
IMO its a bit of a zombie. Its good, and its wayy easier to dial in, but its not gonna capture the life that a well dialed-in Boogie has.
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if you're going to buy a dual rectifier, go with a used Rectoverb, or Tremoverb, they're supposidly better than the newer Dual Recto's Mesa's been putting out.
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the V3 is pretty pathetic IMO.

get the rectoverb combo. it sounds better than the 3chan recto.
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i have a roadster, they sound like garbage trucks at low volume.
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i have a roadster, they sound like garbage trucks at low volume.

Is that a good or a bad thing
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If you have the money go for a boogie,or something of that level.

The v3 is a great mid-range tube amp though.The head is like 800 or so new off carvins site.


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Mesa Boogie...the Carvin is cheaper and offers great cleans, however I found the overdrive channels to be extremely weak and I wasn't particularly impressed with its build quality...
The Mesa. It will still be worth $2,200 in 10 years. Good gear is like money in the bank. Its easy to sell and can even go up in value over time = free.
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Definately the Mesa!
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Go with the Mesa Boogie. Every distortion tone I've heard from the V3 was just lifeless fizz.
If you have a tight budget....definitly the V3...

if your willing to dump that much money on an amp, the Mesa is the way to go
Dual Recto all the way, unless you're on a budget.
Then again you posted you're thinking about it so that's a non-issue, I suspect.
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I have actually played both side by side (at a real volume too! none of this bedroom level crap) and the mesa won hands down.

depending on the generation of Dual Rec it is (multi-watt is newer. older ones need to take out tubes to go to 50w), the dual rec either annihilates (multi-watt generation) or very nearly annihilates the carvin. The older dual rec has a good clean channel, the newer one is a little bit better voiced. either way, the cleans and mid gains on the mesa a quite a bit better than the carvin. High gain isn't even a competition. the mesa sounds huge, mean and precise, while the carvin is a little fizzy and seems to get mushy at higher volumes
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Hey guys, I think he made his mind up in the two and a half years it took you to respond.

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i have a roadster, they sound like garbage trucks at low volume.

Is that a good or a bad thing

no hate on Boogies, but that's fucking hilarious.

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Hey guys, I think he made his mind up in the two and a half years it took you to respond.

go figure
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