Hey guys, I bought a LTD KH-602 from my local "Steve's Music Store" and have been pretty happy with it for about a year now. I havn't really noticed this before, but while playing some Def Leppard and AC/DC songs on it I realized that every full chord I played was out one way or another. Now, I had it set-up when I got it by one of my dad's buddies who really knows his stuff. He was a guitar tech for the Canadian rock band Chiliwack.

Anyway, the chords sound fake. Nothing in comparison to my Les Paul (I got a couple months ago). I re-tuned it like 10 times using the fine tuners on my Korg DT-10, and yes I made sure that I have the locking nuts on right. I remember dropping it once, only putting a small chip in the finish. It might've screwed up the action or something, IDK.

Anyone think I should get it setup again?

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my advice is to play chords on your les paul!
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its not that its your bridge its the pickups, im guessing your kh 602 has EMGs thats why they sound sorta sterile unlike your les paul

could be part of the problem, but it happens while im playing unplugged as well.

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my advice is to play chords on your les paul!

that doesn't work when you need a whammy bar
If chords are in tune at the lower frets, but out of tune up the neck, then you should considder an intonation setup. If an e chord is in tune, but a D or G out of tune, you have a badly fretted instrument.
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Sounds like an intonation problem. Intonation is affected by several things; the nut, the saddle, truss rod adjustment, even frets at times. All of these items wear over time and will eventually need to be replaced on any guitar.

Having it checked out again by a qualified tech would be the way to go imo.
the pickups will def. change the tone of the chords, or the timbre. one thing to consider is that when you switch between guitars, that is always something you need to deal with unless the guitars are built with similar woods and the pickups are the same. as long as all the pitches are in tune, then you need to deal with eq to get the right timbre you want. if the notes of the chords dont stay in tune with a FR, then you might be pressing too hard on the strings. on some guitars, the frets are high enough that if you press the string too hard, it will go out of tune. try playing with a lighter touch first, and if that doesn't solve your problem, then start messing with your eq
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is the bridge Parallel?
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Sounds like you're inadvertently putting pressure on the bridge. Floyds are very sensitive and it takes a while to adjust your playing style.
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how hard is your touch? if you are pressing down real hard with jumbo frets this will also cause the sounding of being sharp or flat
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One more vote for intonation problem.

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The chords may sound off for couple reasons:
1 - Intonation.
2 - Fret size
3 - Extra pressure on FR from your palm.

1 - You say that it's setup by a pro-tech. Hence I believe that the intonation should be correct. But check it anyway. Check the note on 12th fret, it should be the same note as on open string but one octave above.

2 - (Almost) All the Gibson and Epi LP come with medium frets, so if you press harder when chording the tone do not get off since you start to touch to the fretboard. But your ESP/LTD has extra-jumbo frets. If you are pressing harder than the chords will not be the same as on your LP (they will be a little sharper).

3 - FR is very sensitive to touching. If you put your hand on the bridge on your LP, and continue to do it on your 602, than FR goes out of tune hence the chords, too.