I've been looking at amps lately, and I came across this one: http://www.guitarcenter.com/B-52-AT-100-100W-Tube-Guitar-Amp-with-Tri-Mode-Rectifier-102919289-i1145577.gc

Can anybody tell me about this amp? It seems way too good for the price. I saw some Youtube demos and loved the sound. It fits my playing style just about perfectly. However, I haven't ever heard anyone talking about them. Do they suck for some reason, or are they just not popular yet?

If they suck, are there any other amps with similar sound/features/prices?

Also, could somebody tell me if it's possible to let a tube amp's true greatness shine out at low volumes? I know you have to crank them up to do that, but I heard of some kind of thing to get around that... any info there?

Thanks in advance.
They aren't bad, I assume you're playing metal? Maybe take a look at the bugeras and the randall rg50tc, the mesa f and dc series would also be a good bet if you can go used.

You're thinking of an attenuator, but for metal I don't think you'll need it. Those amps should sound fine at lower volumes, although any amp will sound better when its turned up a bit.
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It's not the same as the one you are looking at but I have a B52 ST6012 combo and I love it. It does everything I need it to do. The only issue is that the gain channels just don't sound the way I'd like. I know a few people who have B52 amps and love them. Go try it out if you can that way you can mess with settings and hear it in person.
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the b52 at100 is a very undernoted amp in the tube amp world. I owned a b52 at100 halfstack for awhile and it was really good for the money. Definitely change the stock china tubes out of it for something better. I changed them out for tungsol's and the amp really came alive. I think you can get a halfstack for a 1000 at gc now. Overall its a awesome tube amp for the price
that amp is superduperf*ckingbeautifully awesome
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That amp is one of the better amps in it's price range. A local group here in Kentucky has one, and it does just about everything. If I'm not mistaken, which I usually am, I think that line of amps is actually comparable to an affordable version of Mesas.

I dunno. Personally, I love that amp and would recommend it to just about anyone. Just try it out and see if you like it.