Now, to start off, this is really NOT advertising. Yes it's my band's myspace, but it's still under construction and I really genuinley need help with this.

How do I change the background and font color of the box with the links in? (the control box with add friend, send message, block user etc.) I've tried and tried but all I can get it to do is have a solid background or none at all, and I would like it to be semi transparent like the other boxes on there. I haven't been able to touch the font colour at all. If anyone could help me with the code or point to a specific resource on the subject (i've been through so many css tutorials my head is starting to hurt) I would be very grateful.

Heres a screen dump:

Here's the link for a full view: www.myspace.com/joansimmolation


.contactTable {font: bold 9px Verdana; background: Black URL('');}
change it to what you like of course

transparency doesn't work in some browsers, i think.
I have no real idea. I used to find templates and put the html in my profile, and it changed.
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try looking for a "myspace contact box on google", then put that code in the "about me" or "bio" section. Then just change the code to how you want it. i.e. semi-transparent background.(use a png) and the color etc......
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I have no real idea. I used to find templates and put the html in my profile, and it changed.

Good story bro.

There's a get out clause for the transparency.

Create a small square gif file with a chequerboard pattern of black and transparent pixels. Set it as the background image (tiled) and Voila! 50% opacity!
Ok, guys the transparency on the contact box is now achieved! (not as good as the other boxes, but good enough for this).

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So, any help on the font?