This song is the first song by our band. It's called "The Supple, Supple Barbarian". It's a melodic metal song with a fair share of viking feel to it. Our next song "Pantheon of Cosmic Horror" should be done pretty soon, so maybe ill post that one later. Please, tell us what you think.
-btw, we are trying to change our band name to something more metal.
The Supple, Supple Barbarian 3 (correct solo).zip
i like how it's put together. very nice


Guitarist___________Bassist________________Vox______________________Lead Guitarist
Thanks for the crit.

The intro was cool, set up an atmosphere and a vibe. I thought it was interesting how you stuck with a clean guitar and didn't go distorted at around measure 21 and what follows, but it sounds alright so no complaints. To me the choir enters really randomly at measure 38 and doesn't really do much for me. The lead at 52 is cool but the choir just completely drowns it out. Your use of piano as a lead over the riff is nice, I liked that about this. Measures 68 through 76 don't really do much for me but it picks up nicely at 77, I liked the lead a lot and this time when the choir enters it benefits the song and fits very nicely, good job there. The outro was very cool once the piano joined in, otherwise the riff just didn't do much on its own for me. Very nice job.
Thanks for the crit, but the guitar wasn't clean, I just like the sound of the jazz guitars with metal pedal in guitar pro. Just thought I'd say that. Thank you though.
I'd love to hear this when you add singing!!
I liked the chord progressions and most rhytmic parts. Great job.