Alright, I've had this thought for a while. I can't seem to find another guitarist that lives by me that can play parts of through the fire and the flames, and multiple other songs that harmonize two guitars. I'm thinking, is there a way to make a pedal that will split the one guitar signal into two, then change the pitch of one of them down a few notes, then combine them back into a single signal? Once I get past that part, I'd need to find a way to attach a knob in order to change the pitch/frequency of the second signal. Also, maybe how much the two are combined. Also, what'd be awesome, would be having three outputs, the first two will be the split signals, and the last one would be for the combined signals. I don't know the slightest bit of doing this, so if anyone could point me in the right direction, that'd be awesome. Thanks. Also, money isn't really a matter for me.
you could use a loop pedal but you would have to play one part b4 hand them play the second part while the other is replaying
that is probably the closest your gunna get because i don't think there is a pedal that can do that
There is a pedal that harmonizes for you, and you can select the pitch of the harmony part. It's called the harmony man or something along those lines. All i know about it is the first word of the name is harmony and the sell them at guitar center.
Digitech just put one out. Just strum the root chord on the key and tell it which harmony to use. Look it up.

And find some better guitarists
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the splitting and rejoining is easy as cake. the pitch shift might be much more difficult

I'd LOVE to know how you would go about effectively doing this?
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a/b/y with a pitch shift on b going the wrong way?

Interesting idea, not really what I would have in mind though.
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