I was given a guitar, not sure what kind(has no name on it). It looks like a 3/4 size with 19 frets, 39'' long.This may be a silly question but is this o.k. for a begining adult to learn on or should i buy a full sie guitar.
Do you have big fingers?
If not, then you could learn on it for a few months to see if guitar really intrests you, then upgrade to a full-size, better guitar.
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i hate to sound too simplistic to be helpful but if you want to learn to play a full sized guitar you should learn on a full sized guitar. i have a 24 3/4" scale electric and a 25 1/2" scale acoustic and the differences in fret spacing just there can throw me off just a little if ive been playing one more than the other. if you want to learn and its all you got its better than nothing but unless you plan on playing a kid sized guitar your whole life the sooner you get a full size and make the adjustment the better.
PS to tell for sure what size it is measure from the nut to the bridge in a straight line. full sized guitars are usuall in two sizes, the gibson size of 24 3/4 inches or the strat size of 25 1/2 inches. some manufacturers use slightly different scale lengths by a few fractions of an inch but most full size guitars fall into those two categories.
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Err.... It should be fine to learn on a 3/4 sized guitar. The concepts are the same, really. I've played my friend's big baby(which is a 3/4th if im not mistaken), and switched back just fine O.o
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I'm thinking of getting a 3/4 myself, maybe a little martin so I don't have to haul my larger guitars around. How would you rate the quality?