I know there's a which amp thread but i'm not getting any replys.
I need an amp for metallica, megadeth, van halen, and guns n roses.
guitar: FSR strat with samarium cobalt noiseless pickups(if you think i need a new one, please tell)

budget: $600-$700
and stop making so many threads, you just had one open in the electric guitar section that was pretty much the same...
arent all of those bands marshall users?
I'd get a marshall clone of somesort, because the only marshalls i can think of in that range are MGs
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be the music, not the scene
go to a local pawn shop and search some nice old, used marshalls and maybe mesa combos up...! That's what im doing tomorow!
I think I suggested a Classic 30 up in your Which Amp post. Not sure about the Megadeth part tho. I know you don't want to hear this but we have some Valveking users that are pulling off some pretty convincing 'Tallica and Megadeth. Oh, and blues.

what is your closest major city?