well there is free shipping at music123 and i need to order tonight.i needa cheap patch cable here is the link http://www.music123.com/Live-Wire-1-4--Angle-1-4--Angle-Patch-Cable-330478-i1166740.Music123 and is that just crap. and i need one more able and its this http://www.music123.com/Musicians-Gear-Braided-Instrument-Cable-1-4--361705-i1130258.Music123 are these cables just crap. i need them for a gig. because someone stole my old ones. and all i can spend is 15 bucks. is there anything else i need. and what is some good guitar cleaner.

sorry if this makes no sence.
just it would be nice if you could help.
live wire cables are fine ive used em for years. not sure about the other one but it should work fine