I have the CS-3. I think its an okay comp, but everyone flames me on it.

So, what would be the best $100 comp?
I had a feeling MXR would raise its head.

Everyone swears be 'em. Why?

On my processor, the model of the MXR comp, it acts more as a fuzz box. WTF!!!

The real thing doesnt do this do they?
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maybe DOD 280. style of music?

Jefferson Airplane, David Bowie, Styx, Electric Light Orchestra, Eagles, Rod Stewart, The Zombies, and various bands of same time period and genre.
Is the Visual Sound comp good enough quality to be left one the entire gig?

Also are the Visual Sound other FX pedals good as well?
I want a comp that doesnt turn into a fuzz box when maxed out. So far the only one that doesnt do this is the Boss CS-3.

Granted, I havent tried any boutique or obscure brands, and I only buy it if I have tried it first, no excepttions.
but why would you max it out?

the volume levels are wayyyyy too different to be any use.

edit: i'm talking about maxing out the volume (output) knob. maxing out the attack/sens knob does nothing to add gain and sounds realllly clear, like a good comp should.