What does first position mean when talking in regard to major scales, i know them up the neck in all keys but i am completely ignorant about their relative positions, i need to play then in first position for a school assignment and i cant find it anywhere please help. Does it mean between a certain area, or is it a specific shape
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First position is frets 1-5 on each string. Or something close. Second would be up a little higher etc etc.

At least that's what I was taught.
This is what I think (correct me if I'm wrong)

The "first" position for a major key is the standard major pattern, which will start on the root note. The "second" position is moving your hand up one note to create the "second" position which starts on the second note of the scale, up one more will be the "third" position on the the third note of the scale and so on.

So using A major scale.

First position starts on 5th fret, second starts on 7th, 3rd starts on 9th and so on.

I'd tab out more but have to pay attention to the lecturer now.