I guess that means rock band his harder than real guitar. I know so, I can play Smoke On The Water on real guitar easy.
I think we all know that, noob.
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everybody already knows that it isn't!
why bring it up?
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Another GH thread......-sigh-
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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o.o nooo wayyyyy! Real instuments, harder than fake ones? SRSLY?
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You have no idea how many mornings my dad has woken up to me in my underroos rocking out in the morning...on a mission...A MISSION TO ROOOOCCCCKKKKK!!!!!
Yeah you don't need to show UG that...

We are all aware that it isn't the same thing.. But a lot of people play it here because it's fun
BLASPHEMY this man speaks. Guards!! have this man escorted out of The Pit at once!

*Scene from 300 where the man is kicked by Leonidas takes place*