I was talking to my friend about B.C. Rich guitars and we started talking about the body shapes. An argument insued because she has no imaginiation, then she dragged in her some of her friends who also have no imagination.

Basically it comes down to this:
I think B.C. Rich used other body styles and modified them until they are what they are.
My friend doesn't think that's the case at all.
I know it's a stupid thing to argue about but today was a very boring for both of us. We both know that guitar companies mod other companies designs all the time. This isn't a "what came first, the chicken or the egg?" argument.

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I'm not saying that B.C. Rich had to of, just that they could have.
Please tell me I'm not the only one that sees it...
I dont know, but all I know is that the Eagle is really sexy. However, I'm not into their "Metal!!!!" shapes like the Warlock, Warbeast etc.
Those look nothing like the original designs that you are claiming they copied. All the Les Paul and Mcking bird have in common is one cutaway
Well, I don't think they really started and evolved into anything, they just kinda produced them one day. BC Rich did have one of the best built superstrats about 20 years ago though!
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I think BC rich is the egg who came before the chicken. I haven't seen any other guitar maker have this type of shape. the shape im talking about is like this...

If you have seen another company make this then i might have an argument
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