Hey guys, i'm not like the extreme hum from my strats 57'/62' pickup set pickups. The hum is getting agonzing and annoying other band members (bastards with humbucking guitars ). I have narrowed down my choices to two options.

since I play in a stoner rock band and an alternative rock band I am willing to go for

either lace sensors blue silver red set

or get dimarzio rail humbuckers that fit into strat slots

how do these rail humbuckers sound when coil tapped? I wanna have humbucking tone but I don't want to give up my good single coil tone so will these dimarzios sound as good as my 1957 replica pickups when coil tapped?

these are my choices for dimarzios




If you're humming, you might want to make sure your guitar is properly shielded and grounded. That will reduce tremendous amounts of hum. If you still don't like how it sounds; then I'd suggest going for a pickup change.

But seriously, get your guitar shielded properly. There are a bunch of tutorials on the net.
You seem to have ignored the best piece of advice so far, which is shielding. My strat doesn't hum at all but it is really well shielded.

As for the dimarzios, you want to split them, not tap them, and no it won't sound as good as a real single coil. I fitted a similar rail pickup, and put a split in, it's no substitute for a proper single coil.
+1 on the shielding. with proper shielding, you can reduce, if not eliminate the hum.
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