ok so i've grown mighty tired of listening to my guitar sound like a loud acoustic. I have, not a high quality amp,

an Epiphone Studio 15R. I've heard one played with a squier before and it sounded very good. However, played with a Fender Starcaster mine sounds like crap.

It has the following settings:

-Under overdrive are drive and level.
-a clean level.
-equalizer with treble, bass, and middle.

Now i know it isnt gonna sound like a marshall combined with a JCM but i'm looking. WITH THIS RIG. to get a classic rock kinda sound. For example ACDC.

So can anyone give me tips on amp settings and guitar knobs and pickup selector? (its a five way).
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ultimate settings thread, look for it.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
also you mentioned hearing it being played with a squier, yet your strat sounds bad.
that could just be the player :/ (no offense)
id say high mids, a bit trebly, bass on 5ish..
just me tho.
theres actually something strange ive noticed--a pos guitar actually sounds strangely good through a pos amp, but if you improve one they both sound like crap
Generally Squiers are improvements over Starcasters, not the other way around.

I had to take both my Strats in to a guitar tech for setup and it's hard to hear the difference now between the American Standard (SSS) and the Squier Affinity (SSS), although the action is a little lower on the MIA without buzzing. Of course setup cost almost as much as the Squier ($90 setup on a $125 guitar).

The neck on my Squier is better than a lot of MIM strats, but I've seen Starcasters where the necks were actually splitting along the wood grain.

Try buying a stomp box like an Ibanez Tube Screamer, a Boss DS-1 or better yet, a multi-effects/modeling pedal from Digitec or M-Audio--let the pedal do the work (or even emulate a JCM) and just play it through the amp clean.
BTW, at low volumes, my 1 watt Marshall MS-1 sounds better through the GNX4 than my Marshall MG-30DFX does without the GNX4.

But usually we just play through the GNX4 and the same 400 watt Behringer keyboard amp we use for the digital drums and the vocal mic ;-)