Interesting with the amp sound, but also the sounds from the fretboard, etc.
Is that what you were going for? or was it just a product of how you recorded it?
I can't say I exactly like it, but it's interesting.

I think with a real good recording/mixing and drum part, this would be really cool.
The runs are somewhat repetative, but with some lyrics in there, I'm sure it'd be no problem.
I like the progression from the beginning to middle to end also, it feels very complete.

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The sound was basically just because the only method of recording I have is a microphone so the quality didn't turn out great, it wasn't intentional or anything like that.

I left you a crit on that song in your song comments in your profile.

Thanks for the crit.
I think it would sound a lot better with drums and bass. It's pretty repetitive in some parts, but I like the sound you have going on, although I wouldn't necessarily call it Egyptian. To me that has more atmospheric elements, like being in a temple or a crypt.
To me, the chord, doodlie-doo, chord pattern needs to be broken up a bit more, like it is around 3:20. Other than that, it sounds pretty good. And since this is crit for crit:
Plz, tell us what you think.
There's some sweet riffs in there and I can hear the egyptian sound come though.. Like the guy said above this would sound alot better with drums and bass. It's a bit Iron maidenish which is always a good thing. Overall though it's was pretty sweet.


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