I've been trying to practice my tremolo picking but I can't help but to my my whole forearm, I was wondering how I can fix this. Not sure if I just need to discipline more, or if it goes back to even the basics of holding a pick maybe.
Try holding your pick slightly at an angle. If you're insistant on using your wrist only, try doing it with your palm staying on the bridge (as if PM'ing, but not on the strings themselves). That might hinder you in the long run, but it would be a good way to get in the habit... But after you get it down where it feels natural like that, try doing it with your hand in the air to prevent bad habits from developing.

Personally, I sometimes use my entire arm to pick too
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Hehe thanks, I do angle it but I find myself holding it parallel to the strings I'ma have to try and smack myself around enough to dedicating to getting it right =P