I searched for it and couldn't find it...well anyways I have some mroe questions I've been working on, and failing miserably.

1. 4.34-g geological sample, containing the mineral Boulangerite (Pb5Sb4S11) as the only lead-bearing compound, is subjected to chemical treatment in which the lead is quantitatively recovered as solid PbCl2. The mass of PbCl2 obtained is 2.18 g.
What was the percentage (by mass) of Pb5Sb4S11 in the sample?

So I found the mass % of Pb in PbCl2 (74.5 %) x 2.18 g = 1.62 g

And I found the mass % of Pb in Pb5Sb4S11 (55.22 %)

..but I'm not sure where to go from there...
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TS, there's a Science and Maths help thread.
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