well im doing my theory hw and its just constructing intervals below the given pitch. the only way i know how to do it is.
for example:
were in treble clef and we have a B and you have to construct a aug 5th interval below the B. so i find a dim 4th above the pitch and displace it a octave. so the dim 4th would be a Eb then i jsut displace it so its on the bottom line of the treble clef.

i hope you got what im doing...so does anyone know a better/easier way of doing this?
Count down four whole steps? I did what you're describing for a while whenever I was dealing with intervals larger than a P5. Keep practicing, you'll get better at it and eventually you won't have to think about it asnmuch.
I was going to say "Wait, that's wrong," but after thinking, yup, it's right.

I sometimes refer to my fretboard to deal with intervals lower than a minor sixth, maybe that could help you (if you play guitar, i dunno)
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yea i play guitar(well mainly bas but i play a little gutiar on the side) but i can use a imaginary for intervals when they are above the given pitch but when constructing intervals below the pitch i find it harder. oh well looks im gonna have to grunt out the 100 intervals he gave us for hw.