Ok so if you remember me, I'm a bit new to this part of the forums.
So yes I am a one-person band and being that, I'm going to be the main focus of the audience.

Now I don't want to just stand there and look awkward and I also don't want to move in a way that looks even more awkward.

Can anyone give me some tips on how to act on stage? I'm not looking for any flashy moves but just enough to let the audience know that I'm into it and they should be too because well, it's a show right?
If you are the only person then you should just focus on performing your best rather than stage presence.
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If you are the only person then you should just focus on performing your best rather than stage presence.


and a one person band is a bad idea I think, its a lot better when you have people behind you. You fail together and succeed together
Don't think about how you look playing, just focus on your music - don't try to do anything to keep the attention on yourself that you wouldn't normally do or it will look unatural and awkward.
Just an opinion, take it for what it's worth.
I mean besides just performing your best then I would make sure to look at the crowd and now stare at your guitar the whole time. I sometimes (depending on the song) will dance a little in my chair (I don't stand to play alone :P) if its a groovin' beat.
just close our eyes when you sing. and kind of put out your lower jaw when singing as well. it gives the image that youre REALLY into it.

or just play. if its a one man thing, if the audience is into it they will watch.
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Rock/classic rock

Some Ac/dc, Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin, Blue Oyster Cult.

so you do it all acoustic?
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so you do it all acoustic?

I think he means he's up there with an electric and a backing track. Doing classic rock by yourself would make the Angus stage moves a no-no, you'll look like a dick.

But definitely interact with the audience:

1. Walk around a little bit
2. Make eye contact with specific people
3. Smile when appropriate, you're having fun remember?
4. Point at people trying to grab your attention (because there's always one wanker in the audience )
5. Just generally feel the music. Engage your body enough for people to see you're into it, but not over the top.
6. Respond to anything the audience is doing. If they're clapping in time, choose an appropriate break in the song to start a clap over your head and then jump back into it (not literally). If they're singing the TEEE-EN-TEE! chorus encourage them by mouthing it at them.

Hope that helped.